Rattha Charithram From Papers to Screens – Part 3

Review Analysis of Raktha Charithra-1

Features 27-Oct-2010 5:37 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

It is a vivid recollection of characters that lived and is still living across Andhra Pradesh. A theme so close to heart for those who can relate the onscreen characters with the real life personalities of Andhra Pradesh and that’s ‘Raktha Charithra’ all about.

What could be the best terms to label Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Raktha Charithra’ - ‘Crime-Drama’ or ‘Docu-Drama’? A close call indeed: this isn’t a film meant for usual film lovers, but for those yearning out for a different line of cinema. RGV has completely stepped out of the usual narrative structure. The best exemplification of this would be the introduction of film’s lead actor Vivek Oberoi after 30mins.

It’s an auteur point of view as the film opens with a brief introduction of present scenario of ‘Ananthapuram’ village. Narasimha Reddy (Kitty of ‘Thalapathy’ fame), a powerful and just politician feels that the equality should persist amongst the castes and asks Veerabhadrayya to nominate candidates from other castes… Nagamani Reddy (Kota Srinivasa Rao), close relative brainwashes Narasimha Reddy influencing his falseness over the caste peoples. Dashed down in hopes, Veerabhadrayya decides to float his own party and contest in elections. Nagamani Reddy murders Veera using his own man (Aashish Vidyarthi) and in turn eldest son Shankar sets out to seek revenge. Sooner he is culminated towards the same fate. Then enters the youngest, innocent and desolated son Prathap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi) settling scores and on course of change becomes the right hand of actor-turned-politician Sivaji Rao (Chatrugan Sinha).

As mentioned earlier, this could turn out to be a usual vengeance-seeking story as the complete film; especially the first hour is all about killing each other. 3 sequences are really interesting and win our applause, though it’s clichéd.

1. Bumping off the police officer at Police Station.

2. Vivek Oberoi plotting murder plan of Pucca Reddy with the aid of an innocent man, who has a bad history to retaliate.

3. Assassination of Nagamani Reddy at his own place.

However, the abrupt ending looks so amateurish way. Soon as the car blasts, RGV could have shown Suriya walking along with his group men and a fade out. Instead, he has inserted the promo of ‘Raktha Charithra - 2’.

Producer Dayanidhi Azhagiri made smart plans of not releasing the first part in Tamil. Of course, it’s a good idea as our Tamil film lovers may not have any idea of what is actually happening as they cannot relate themselves with the characters.

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