Ram Gopal Varma pulls Karan’s legs with RC

It has been an unending hilarious combats between filmmakers Ram Gopal Varma and Karan Johar.

News 13-Oct-2010 10:47 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming film Rattha Charithram is all set to hit screens during third week of November and the filmmaker has vigorously started promoting the film. He has been claiming this one to be the best of all his movies.

It has been an usual comments passed by these filmmakers – Ram Gopal Varma and Karan Johar as they make fun of each other movies.

At the time of ‘Phoonk-2’ release (Tamil version titled ‘Bommai’), Karan Johar had tweeted – I saw this horror movie along with Ram Gopal Varma and the scariest part was watching the film holding his hands.

And now, as the release of ‘Rattha Charithram’ is fast approaching the release date, a similar take has happened, this time from Ram Gopal Varma. In his recent twitter, he has mentioned that Rattha Charithram is not about loving families, but warring families. So the ones who loved Karan Johar’s ‘Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gum’ can better stay away from this film.

Such a bold promotion of film: only RGV get along with it.

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