Chiruthai And Puli Together

The title would obviously lead to a rise in expectations, but this one isn’t what you expect it to be.

News 5-Oct-2010 1:42 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Chiruthai is Karthi’s new name as his fans feel like ennobling him with this nickname. Perhaps, he deserves it for his fast-paced success rates. The actor was here at Vandalur Zoo for a noble cause and that was about adopting a White Tiger. He was accompanied by his brother Suriya’s daughter Diya and spent more time with Kids catching a glimpse on the playing moods of White Tigers.

He adopted a Tiger named ‘Namratha’ and handed a check of Rs. 77, 000/- which would be used for its maintenance.

Says Karthi: ‘As a child, I was very observant towards wild creature and I am really happy for having adopted this Tiger.’

Of course, Karthi you’ve been splendid with this endeavor. It’s the need of hour indeed!!!

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