Tamil Film Industry Adapts Hollywood

This is not about the technical aspects, but the newfangled narration that our filmmakers have adopted.

News 30-Sep-2010 10:49 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘We are closer to Hollywood’ – such statements aren’t something new as we would have heard our filmmakers and producers uttering it over and again. But on pars, there are few auteurs exerting their earnest efforts of pulling such statements into reality.

Some of the upcoming Tamil releases will follow the ‘Hollywood pattern’. The major factor is that there will be no songs and unwanted parallel tracks of romance and comedy.

Gowtham Menon claims that he has pioneered with this mission as his upcoming film ‘Nadunisi Naigal’ doesn’t boast any songs or background score either. The filmmaker has signed a top-charting sound designer from Bollywood to work on sound effects. In fact, A.R. Rahman himself has appreciated his efforts.

Next to join this bandwagon will be ‘Payanam’. This bilingual movie made by Radha Mohan has Nagarjuna playing the lead role. The film is about flight hijack and a commando striving to save them. The film has a running length of just 100mins.

But the trend was already set by some of the best actors like Kamal Haasan as his yesteryear film ‘Kuruthi Punal’ was a stunning action thriller with no songs.

It is good to witness the abrupt transition of filmmakers’ tastes and let’s welcome their innovative efforts.

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