Music Review - Mynaa

Music Review - Mynaa

Features 29-Sep-2010 10:29 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

D. Imman’s musical scores have been passable in his previous projects. But he assures of delivering at least couple of good melodies in an album. Doubtlessly, ‘Mynaa’ carries the traits as the opening tracks are splendidly done. On the contrary, the latter half of album doesn’t sustain our attention.

1. Mynaa, Mynaa

Vocals: Shaan

Lyrics: Yugabharathy

Remember Imman-Shaan striking together? Last time, this duo awestruck with their mellisonant track of ‘Oh Divya’ from ‘Maasilamani’ and this time… And again, we have a best spell of theirs. Shaan has tried enunciating the syllables with the right touch. At few parts, he seems to have inherited the factors of Udit Narayanan. The beats are simple and mild. The song is sure to make it over top of charts.

2. Neeyum Naanum

Vocals: Benny Dayal, Shreya Ghosal

Lyrics: Yugabharathy

Thanks to Imman! For the first time, we hear a new-dimensional song from a nativity based film. A sang-froid peppy duet number with a commendable touch of western genre… Especially, the interludes over the ‘Nadhaswaram’ with rock beats are attention-grabbing. Benny Dayal and Shreya Ghosal have come with their impressive show, but its Imman standing out for his music.

3. Kichu Kichu Thambula

Vocals: Baby Harini, Sriranjini, S. Srimathi, G. Aathireya, Lakshman Aravind, Solar Sai

Lyrics: Eknaath

The rhythmic accompaniments distinctly reminiscences A.R. Rahman’s title song ‘Nannare’ in ‘Guru’. Similarities cannot be blamed as it turns to be need of the song’s nature. How long will the lyrics focalizing village kids be the same? Eknath should have tried something different. The singers have nothing to blame.

4. Kaiya Pudi

Vocals: Naresh Iyer, Sadhna Sargam

Lyrics: Yugabharathy

Looks like Imman hasn’t strained over the rhythmic quotients as they resemble few memorable tracks. The romantic duet is plain at few parts and yet the visuals should yield them better results. The lyrical lines aren’t captivating.

5. Jingu Chikku

Vocals: Solar Sai, Kalpana

Lyrics: Yugabharathy

The festival song is clichéd and nothing seems to be refreshing. A man’s dramatic lines of wooing down the girl have been the core them of such festival plays and ‘Jingu Chikku’ is one of that sort. The beats are slow and the instrumentals are below average. Kalpana imitates Malgudi Shuba on her vocalizations while Solar Sai is okay.

On the whole, ‘Mynaa’ is a mixture of best good and average compositions. But this is one of the best albums when it comes to list of Imman’s previous albums.

Verdict: Passably okay

Banner: Red Giant, AGS Kalpathi S Aghoram

Producer: John Max

Director: Prabhu Solomon

Star-cast: Vidharth, Anaka...

Music Director: D Imman

Lyrics: Yugabharathi (1,2,4, 5), Eknaath (3)

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