2 Mistakes of AR Murugadoss

A.R. Murugadoss confesses about couple of mistakes he committed with ‘Ramana’ and ‘Ghajini’ and his associate Saravanan correcting him.

News 15-Sep-2010 10:32 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Not many filmmakers do speak of their mistakes; rather they would love to hide them. But A.R. Murugadoss as an elision admits that at times, when he went for wrong options, it was his associate director Saravanan suggesting the changes.

Says Murugadoss: ‘When I wanted to cast an ordinary person for the role of Sardarji police, Saravanan came up with a strong disapproval saying that it is a bad idea. I listened to him and it was a right one. Apparently, when I characterized dual roles in ‘Ghajini’, Saravanan severely opposed it and yet I didn’t listen to him. However after the film’s release, I was bounded to some resentment about dual roles of villain. Eventually I made those corrections in Hindi version and it received surpassing results.’

Of course, these have been the biggest reasons of Saravanan making his debut directorial under the big banners of Fox Star Studios and his mentor’s A.R. Murugadoss Productions.

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