Puli Roars and Meows

It was a high wave of expectations and now after three days of release, the results aren’t favorable for SJ Surya’s ‘Komaram Puli’.

News 13-Sep-2010 10:14 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Power Star Pawan Kalyan-SJ Surya-academy award winner A.R. Rahman: the trio brand was more than enough to keep us high on expectations. But the mixed reviews for the film have stopped the film exceeding the expectations.

The film has put down the hopes of audiences as it doesn’t prove to be different. It’s an usual cat-n-mouse game between a powerful cop and world’s deadliest mafia. However the action sequences shot stylishly and A.R. Rahman’s songs have received good laurels.

‘Komaram Puli’ has been released at 9 theatres and it’s the first time, a Telugu movie is being released in so many centres in Chennai with more special shows. Despites such mixed review, the Chennai buffs are rushing for this show as it has couple of big names – SJ Surya and A.R. Rahman.

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