'Mei Kaan' Is 80% Completed

Quickies are order of the day as producers insist their filmmakers to complete the projects within shorter span.

News 6-Sep-2010 1:00 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Very often films are delayed due to the delayed shooting schedules that literally let the producers drenched in troubled waters. But the latest trend is about producers insisting their directors to complete the film faster with best results.

Arjun’s ‘Mei Kaan’ is nowhere an exception as Major Ravi has completed 80% of the film by 50days. According to the sources, the film’s pending works will be done by next 20 days in Chennai. Major portions of the film have been shot in Malaysia and plans are to release the film for Diwali.

The film is produced by S.M. Raja (elder brother of Nic Arts S.S. Chakravarthy) under the banner of ITA Films.

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