Irandu Mugam

Not Good, Not Bad

Reviews 3-Sep-2010 5:54 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Political comedies remain as the rarified genre in Tamil film industry. Aravind Raj’s choice a making film based on this theme is justly appreciable. But the style of narration he has chosen lags behind the line of excellence. Having finest actors like Sathyaraj, Nasser and Karan, he could have applied more efforts into the script. In simple terms, ‘Irandu Mugam’ is nothing but an usual masala commercial cinema of two protagonists fighting against evil odds in political system.

Parthasarathy has been dreaming from teenage to become a political minister and indeed graduates in M.A. Political Science. His father being a cook for political meetings gets him acquainted with Chief Minister. Joining the party as a local group leader he has the hostility at the other end from baddie Tamizh Selvan (Nasser), who is a leader in the same party. It’s all because Tamizh dreamt of introducing his younger brother in politics, which has been spoiled by Parthasarathy’s entry. After a series of event, Tamizh promises of making Parthasarathy as Union Minister of Environment and in turn seeks assurance of supporting him in underground dealings. Being assertive to the deals, Parthasarathy takes hold of Union Minister and has IAS officer Sarveswaran (Sathyaraj) as his secretary.

In an unexpected manner, Parthasarathy is rushed to hospital as he gets stoned at the back of his head during an inauguration of statue in public. The minister awaits shocking news that he has an incurable brain disease and would kick the bucket soon.

With few days left to survive, Sarveswaran uses this situation to settle scores with few political baddie and instigates Parthasarathy to commit himself for well-being of needy people.

The intermission point offers an acceptable twist and second half does proceed with some interesting moments.

Sathyaraj’s minimal role of not more than 35mins throughout the entire film leaves a great impact. Karan keeps carrying out his action in perfect manner. Nasser in usual style goes noticed.
But the female lead characters are of no use as they have been just included for heroine factor.

Director Aravind Rajan fails to narrate the subject well and has smartly reworked on the script of Hindi film ‘Bluff Master’ on different backdrops. Breaking the suspense at climax could have been done in a better way as Charu Haasan’s role has been wasted.

‘Irandu Mugam’ maybe an average fare in towns and villages, but has no chances of winning the interests of city audiences.

What works: Sathyaraj, Karan, Twist during interval and few interesting parts

What doesn’t work: Nothing new in script, Music and other technical aspects, Screenplay and Direction.

Verdict: Not Good, Not Bad

Banner: Udayar Studios

Production: Vaithyalinga Udayar

Direction: Aravind Raj

Star-casts: Sathyaraj, Karan, Nasser, Anu Haasan, Anuradha Krishna Moorthy, Suhani, M.S. Bhaskar, Livingston, Ganja Karuppu and many others

Music: Bharadwaj

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