Music Review - Vaa 1/4 Cutting

Music Review - Vaa 1/4 Cutting

Features 3-Sep-2010 9:21 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Prevalence of few strikingly salient features makes ‘VA Quarter Cutting’ a catchy album. Almost 4 out of 5 tracks are Gaana numbers and they’re crooned by G.V. Prakash. Andrea Jeremiah’s dulcet song remains as an exception. Before every, a lead of dialogue between onscreen characters have been recorded, which is something different and quite creative as well.

1. Unnai Kan Thedudhe

Vocals: G.V. Prakash, Gaana Ulaganathan

The accompanying beats on this track sounds similar to G.V. Prakash’s ‘Un Mela Aasai’ in ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’. Even the interlude beats goes the same way, but the vocalizing quotients have been tuned on different style. Kudos to G.V. Prakash Kumar for having crooned shifting his usual paradigms… The unusual combination of G.V. Prakash Kumar and Gaana Ulaganathan on a slow-beat Kuthu rap is sure to haunt the towns. Especially, the remix version will throw big fiestas on dance floors. G.V. Prakash and DJ Vijay Chawla have rendered their voice for the remix version.

2. Thediyae Thediyae

Vocal: Andrea Jeremiah

G.V. Prakash relocates to a different genre of soft mellisonant number played with accompaniment of 2/4 March on slow tempo. Andrea Jeremiah voice is soothing and she has intonated each word giving more prominent to the syllables. The slow-stringed instrumentals and mild chorus makes the songs more embellishing.

3. Saudi Basha

Vocals: G.V. Prakash, Bhargavi

Sounds like a hilarious item number. Much alike the previous number, G.V. Prakash takes on the song with the same phonation. It’s a situational number as the protagonist dreams about winning great honors from a Dubai sheik. Bhargavi picks the right note and does her part well. Nirav Shah’s cinematography with unique tones on backdrops should make the song more enhancing over the screens.

4. Saarpu Saarpu Ji

Vocals: G.V. Prakash, Lakshmikanth

Nothing different from No.1 and No.3, as the song is composed on similar style: G.V. Prakash croons yet another Gaana number along with Lakshmikanth. The lyrics are okay and maybe continuous listening should make it a great hit amongst usual frontbenchers.

‘VA Quarter Cutting’ is sure to make to woo down the fans, especially the lovers of commercial music. Couple of tracks – ‘Unnai Kan Thedudhe’ and ‘Thediyae Thediyae’ is the best picks in this album.

Verdict: Good effort by G.V. Prakash

Banner: Cloud Nine Productions, Y NOT Studios

Production: Dayanidhi Azhagiri, Sasikanth

Direction: Pushkar-Gayathri

Star-casts: Shiva, SP Charan, Lekha Washington, John Vijay and others

Music: G.V. Prakash

Lyrics: Kumara Raja, Shiva

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