Inidhu Inidhu

Passable show

Reviews 21-Aug-2010 3:56 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The biggest drawbacks with remakes are the irrelevance to originality. Certain changes to be strictly done for the sake of suiting the region to savor the audiences and ‘Inidhu Inidhu’ hold itself into such clichéd league. Let’s not take things for comparison between ‘Happy Days’ and ‘Inidhu Inidhu’. But then, the kinds of scenarios we witness in the college campus are too far away from the realistic grounds. Of course, we have colleges that has the crème de la crème facilities, but the universal audiences would obviously fail to relate themselves with never-never land.

Director K.V. Guhan comes up with a very lengthy drama that has both positive attribute and on pars, few minuses. The major quotient of any Tamil film is ‘Conflicts’ and that’s what audiences expect the films to be comprised of. The film is sang-froid at places, but it’s too favoring for multiplex audiences while ‘B’ and ‘C’ would spot this film to be an odd piece of work.

The film revolves around group of friends in a college (4 guys and 4 gals). What starts as a friendship turns into love followed by 4 years drama of their college life. It touches the grounds of reality as these days persist with unconditional friendship, love, betrayals, success, pain and finally a big farewell.

Prakash Raj seems to have taken more care on introducing some new talents as they have put their heart and soul towards best results. In fact, everyone on main league of star-casts has done a great job and their performance is flawless. Sonia as senior girl recreates magic as in original version. Adith looks cute and chirpy and Narayanan’s characterization of Tyson looks slightly artificial. Though it evokes a sort of great likeliness and sympathy, Guhan could have made his role yet more captivating. Reshmi is okay and she has to work a lot for her improvisation.

Technically, the cinematography is appreciable as it brings a rich and colorful look. But the musical score by Mickey J Meyer is a mere disappointment. Remember this! His original album ‘Happy Days’ is still a chartbuster in audio markets. 2 ½ hours of plain drama is sure to turn as restless. Prakash Raj with the attempts of spelling pure poignant movies misconstrues about this regional remake.

On the whole, the film deserves a onetime watch if you’re ready to accept the flaws involving project of artificialness. But it’s nice to see a film that doesn’t carry the usual traits of college campus like ragging, double entendres, caricatured professors and students playing silly pranks on them, hostilities between two groups, etc, etc…

What works: Star-casts, cinematography

What doesn’t work: Screenplay, music, lacks of conflicts and exact copycat from original version…

Verdict: Passable show

Banner: Duet Movies

Production: Prakash Raj

Direction: K.V. Guhan

Star-casts: Narayan, Adith, Vimal, Shravan, Reshmi Menon

Music: Mickey J Meyer

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