Gowtham Menon Dashed Down With Hopes

Disappointments and frustrations have haunted Gowtham Menon as Ajith Kumar dashed down his hopes.

News 21-Aug-2010 10:41 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Gowtham Menon while speaking to the media recently said “Both of us have been constantly discussing various scripts for past many years. Finally, he assured about kick-starting the film by July. All of sudden, he informed that his next project will be with Venkat Prabhu in which he’ll be one amongst 5 heroes. I was blown out of waters that why such a big hero is acting in a five heroes subject. Then he had asked producer Gemini Manohar to produce a film for him. When they mentioned my name, Ajith refused. Then he has requested Vishnuvardhan and Vijay to do a film for him. When all these were happening I was wondering who I was. He could have told me all these things but he did not tell. But he has told that he has informed me. There is no truth in this. There is no necessity for me to stand in front of Ajith or wait for him.”

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