Music Review: Chikku Bhukku

Music Review: Chikku Bhukku

Features 18-Aug-2010 11:38 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

1. Chikku Bhukku

Vocals: Rahul Nambiar, Benny Dayal, Maya, Sree Charan

Get Ready… Boost your sprits. The peppy musical tunes by Colonial Cousins keep you invigorated your spirits throughout the number. The song slightly reminds of Harris Jayaraj’s title song of ‘Ullam Ketkume’. The highlighting trait is the best mixing of instrumentals and fill-ins. Kudos to sound engineer for his ne plus ultra performance. Rahul Nambiar, Benny Dayal, Maya and Sree Charan keep the momentum going at right pace.

The song makes you fall in love at the first time you hear it.

2. Oru Nila

Vocals: Shankar Mahadevan, Chandrayee

Completely contrastive to the previous number, the genre is completely different and Hariharan-Leslie tries their hand on different ground. It’s a medium-paced folk duet. Again, the song has a wonderful mixing and the technicians have excelled at their best. The similarity persists with ‘Naan Eppodhu Pennanaen’ in ‘Sakkarakatti’. Shankar Mahadevan and Chandrayee have added the right feel to the song. The instrumentals and accompanying beats have been well played.

3. Zara Zara

Vocals: Benny Dayal, Lavanya

Sounds like a musical travelogue that has lots of montages. Benny Dayal seems to be overstraining on his part while Lavanya’s vocalism is bold and impressive. The colonial cousins have tuned the song on the patterns of Bollywood.

4. Smile

Vocal: Suchith Suresan

A romantic solo completely taken on western style and Suchith Suresan has exactly exerted the perfect touch. The guitars played during interludes are mild and accordions on accompaniment are spotlighting attributes.

5. Thooral Nindralum

Vocals: Hariharan, Wadali Brothers

Cherry-pick of this album: With Hariharan and Wadali Brothers on tracks, the song established an intense pathos of a lad in love. The beats are prototyped and the intonating styles of Wadali Brothers embellish the song to the finest level.

6. Vizhi Oru Paadhi

Vocals: Adnan Saami, Sujatha

Well synchronized sounds and over-the-top rhythmic mixing makes it sound extraordinarily. After a long time, we tend to hear Adnan Sami’s voice in Kollywood (Boys – Boom Boom fame). Sujatha’s dulcet voice forms a good combo with Adnan. Precisely, the good visuals by Gurudev must keep us engrossed us with this number.

7. Adi Saarale

Vocal: Pradeep Vijay, Suvi

The album ends with a heart-melting melody that is splendid over all arenas. Be the singers on track, the mesmerizing symphonic accompaniment: everything is far beyond brilliance. On the dot, it’s the one and only song that brings the feel of Arya’s songs as rest of the singers in other tracks are incisively contrastive. Having crooned some of the peppy and fast-beat Kuthu numbers like ‘Kodana Kodi’ in Saroja, Suvi has transcended with her vocalizing style.

On the whole, ‘Chikku Bhukku’ has some good melodies that are sure to keep us engaged. It looks like Hariharan and Leslie have deeply analyzed the tastes of Tamil music lovers and have accordingly composed the tracks. The melodies that mesmerize you for the first time you heed them are – Adi Saarale and Thooral Nindralum while the first song is a festive blast.

Verdict: Go for a copy.

Production: Media One Global Entertainment

Direction: Manikandan

Star-casts: Arya, Shriya Charan and Preetika

Music: Hariharan & Leslie

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