Asin's Self-Advocacy

Having complained of her Srilankan visit, actress Asin slams down opponents with her own justifications.

News 14-Aug-2010 10:05 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Remember when Asin started to face the controversies? It all started with her journey to Bollywood. She was earlier pulled down for having refused Tamil projects due to her high-time in Hindi film industry and it was later conveyed that lack of offers in B-town has urged Asin to sign Tamil movies.

The actress has completed her first schedule of Hindi film ‘Ready’ with Salman Khan and flew back to Chennai for resuming ‘Kaval Kadhal’.

On the lines of self-advocacies, Asin says, “I have been continuously facing such crisis from the time, I debuted in Bollywood. I am here to accomplish as an actress and be perfect over my profession. Visiting Srilankan places on my own decisions can be regarded as a sinful act. But I was there with the film’s producer insisting me to shoot in that place. I have nothing to be blamed…”

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