Upcoming Hollywood Remakes or Inspirations?

Some of the upcoming releases of Kollywood seem to be partially based on Hollywood movies.

Features 12-Aug-2010 5:22 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Inspirations have been unconditional when it comes to Kollywood as many films and its themes have been replicated from Hollywood. Over the ages, they have been defined on it course and indeed it has become an inevitable method. Sometimes, similarities persisted patently on characterizations, where plots completely different. Say for instance, Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘Vertigo’ and our Sivaji Ganeshan’s ‘Puthiya Paravai’. On the contrary, few films were made on closer similarities like MGR starrer ‘Anbe Vaa’ and Hollywood’s evergreen classic entertainer ‘Roman Holiday’.

Naturally, over the ages, the process has become a commonality and even now it is still considered as a ritual.

There are few assumptions about the upcoming Tamil releases and its connection with Hollywood movies.

Designer Siddarth’s upcoming film ‘Bale Pandiya’ is all set for release and here’s an interesting similarity that relates it with an English flick ‘I Hired a Contract Killer’. This film is about a man broken down on his spirits of losing hopes in his life. With no options left, he attempts for suicide, but cannot make through it. Finally, he meets a contract killer in a bar and assigns to bump him at any point of time in mere future without his very own knowledge. Sooner, he falls in love with a girl that revives his life. When, he gets back to the bar to cancel the assignment, the place is demolished and there is no way he can get in touch the killer.

The closer sources have confirmed that ‘Bale Pandiya’ has a similar plot and it’s about a youngster going through the same turmoils and rest of the proceeding would be in the same as predicted.

Calls on air are that Gowtham Menon’s upcoming movie ‘Nadunisi Naaigal’ too is based on a Hollywood movie ‘Border Town’. This film is about a series of murders held in American factories, where the women workers during night shift are mysteriously killed. A journalist sets out to investigate the murders and founds herself in trouble. It looks like Gowtham Menon has made certain subtle changes like the girls working in call centre being killed and one girl trying to save herself.

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