Uninvited Kollywood Copycat

The first look posters of ‘Nil Gavani Sellathey' has been copycatted from Hollywood’s thriller ‘Uninvited’.

News 12-Aug-2010 2:52 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Creative excellence is always over the top when it comes to Kollywood. But on pars, there tends to be whole lot of replications from western movies. First it was just few liners, then scenes and later complete themes were lifted. And now, even the promo posters have been Xeroxed from Hollywood movies.

One of such instances happens to be the upcoming Tamil movie ‘Nil Gavani Sellathey’. Of course, the entire Chennai city was studded with the posters of this movie with a girl’s silhouette image looking the glass window pane. This happens to be one of the most famous pictures in Hollywood as the film ‘Uninvited’ made high waves across global market.

It looks like filmmaker-producer Anand Chakravarthy was pretty sure that Tamil Nadu audiences might not be aware about such movies.

The film ‘Nil Gavani Sellathey’ is produced by Anand Chakravarthy (producer of Vennila Kabadi Kulu) and is directed by him. He plays the lead role in this film along with Gowtham, Jagan, Lakshmi Nair and Tansika. Selva Ganesh of VKK fame has scored music to the lyrics of Na. Muthukumar

The film is a thriller with the complete first half laced with unlimited fun elements followed by lots of twists and turns in second half.

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