Was Gowtham Menon Right on His Judgment?

Gowtham Menon’s outspoken traits have again landed him on deplorable grounds. It’s about the agitations amongst Ajith Kumar fans.

News 7-Aug-2010 11:55 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Perhaps, his judgment over making best films gets him over the top. But his off-screen judgment doesn’t seem to be doing well. It all started with his pettifoggeries with music Harris Jayaraj and then an unexpected turmoil over addressing CM as Mr. Karunanidhi. Now, his bold words against Ajith Kumar in a recent interview have kindled infuriations.

‘This isn’t about controversy, but a sort of misinterpretation between both ends’ says the sources. Gowtham Menon and Ajith Kumar had planned to work together before couple of years. But then, few constraints kept it away from happening.

Recently Gowtham Menon had mentioned, “I would like to work with actors, who have their heads firmly placed over their shoulders.’ These strong words flamed up dislikes amongst the actor’s fans. However, Ajith Kumar remains silent for this situation and is hoping for ‘All is Well’ situation.

In fact, the actor has already mentioned that he’ll surely work with Gowtham Menon for his next movie.

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