Baana Kaathadi


Reviews 7-Aug-2010 9:30 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘Baana Kathadi’ – The title patently turned everyone’s attention as filmmaker Badri Venkatesh promised to offer something more on festival of kites with a poignant romance as the backdrops. But on contrary, the film doesn’t boast of this distinctiveness and it is a timeworn love story with no big surprises.

Newcomer Atharva shines with his effortful approach and is quite impressive on performance level.
Perhaps, he could have chosen a better script, something bounded to a powerful characterization.

The final take – ‘Baana Kathadi’ is a mediocre on all aspects. Neither the narrative nor the technical aspects are at its best.

The film centers on Ramesh (Atharva), a boy residing in housing boards of North Chennai. A happy-go-lucky by nature, he is an avid kite flyer freaking out with his friends with this game. He comes across a rich beautiful girl Priya (Samantha). Just as it happens over in almost all the romantic flicks, it all starts over a clash later turning into friendship and finally LOVE. With a running length of 150mins, the film travels on predictable lines with a shocking climax, which could have been avoided.

Are the Kollywood’s love stories meant to be told in the hackneyed way? Though Badri Venkatesh tries adding some interesting moments to the film, the basic plot remains as a cliché, which acts as an intense spoiler. Perhaps, a gripping screenplay with some new elements could have done justice to this script.

Atharva has the trait of get-going with boy-to-next door roles. In some places, he tends to be imitating Jeeva. Prasanna’s attempt of experimenting with supporting roles can be welcomed. But again, he should have done a better home work over modulating his voice and showcasing rigid foibles of a gangster. Samantha, who looked cute and cherubic in ‘Ye Maaya Chesavo’, seems to have put on weight. The young girl is so energetic and has a great way to go in Kollywood. After a very long time, Karunaas gets a meaty role to amuse with his hilarious character. Monica’s performance is outstanding and she scores brownie points in her role. Murali’s cameo role is a special surprise.

Looks like Badri Venkatesh was quite unsure about his intentions. A feel-good love story with a pleasant touch would have gratified the audiences. Tritely expressed emotions, dialogues and not so impressive songs scatter away our interests. Yuvan Shankar Raja disappoints badly as none of the tunes stand out as memorable ones. Cinematography is okay while editing is amateurish at many places.

‘Baana Kathadi’ fails to draw attention with an over-familiar story and an unapt climax. We wish Badri Venkatesh a better luck for the next time. His creative quotients are appreciable, but if blended with good script and narration, he has chances of making it bigger…

What works: Atharva, Samantha’s screen presence, Prasanna, Karunaas

What doesn’t work: Beating the same old busy with story and screenplay, Music and Editing.

Verdict: Unimpressive…

Production: Sathya Jyothi Films

Direction: Badri Venkatesh

Star-casts: Atharva, Samantha, Prasanna, Karunaas, T.P. Gajendran, ‘Naan Kadavul’ Rajendran and others.

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

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