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Lingusamy’s adherence towards new-styled technical aspects offers a great look to his films. His next production ‘Vazhakku En. 18/09’ has been shot in a still camera…

News 5-Aug-2010 10:09 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Three films on different genres and Balaji Sakthivel is all set with his next film titled ‘Vazhakku En. 18/09’ that completely features newcomers in lead roles. The film is intrinsically unique for the very exotic reason of being shot in a still camera.

Ever wondered about shooting film with a still camera?

Here’s what cinematographer Vijay Milton has got to say about it.

‘Yes, it’s true that we have been shooting this film with Canon Still Camera, but a surprising feature of Movie Recording Option has made it happen. This camera has become far-famed amongst Camera Short Film across the globe. But for the first time, a full-length feature film has been shot utilizing this film. Director Lingusamy and his brother Subash Chandra Bose were confident enough to support me the usual camera as a secondary option. Director Balaji Sakthivel was very much encouraging….”

Vijay Milton has used couple of cameras of the same model and the lovers of good visuals can experience a different cinema on technical aspects.

‘Vazhakku En. 18’ has completed a week of shooting in Dharmapuri and will be shot in and around the same place.

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