Enthiran Tops At No.1 World Music

No. 1 in USA and No.2 UK – For the first time in World history, a Tamil album is topping the charts of global music.

News 4-Aug-2010 4:37 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Enthiran has reached far beyond the expected levels. Perhaps, even Rahman wouldn’t have imagined his album to cross above the surpassing degrees. ‘Enthiran’ is not just the talk of town, but the globe. It’s turning to be a bigger Dhamaka than academy awards now. The songs of ‘Enthiran’ are just getting out creating sensational manias. In spite of so many illegal internet download options, the sales of audio CDs have been tremendous as the CDs are found on the racks of everyone.

The most surprising part is that the album has topped the global charts as it holds No.1 in USA and No.2 in UK at I-Tunes charts. I-Tunes is an online stores with millions of World Music collection. For the first time, a Tamil music album has been positioned at Top 2 positions of USA and UK.

Adding more to the sensation is that Slumdog Millionaire is in Top 10 lists in almost all the countries.

So proud of you A.R. Rahman!!! Jai Ho!!

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