Endhiran-Velayudham Mania in Small Screen

The promos of photo-shoot for Vijay’s ‘Velayudham’ aired on Kalainyar TV urged viewers to swap their usual programmes of soap operas.

News 27-Jul-2010 11:54 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

The teasers for making of Velayudham photo shoot were telecasted during final hours of prime time that was literally colorful and quite attractive.

It was all done as a promo for airing the ‘Launch of Velayudham’ on Kalainyar TV, which will be telecasted shortly. The photo shoot had some of the montages that weren’t included in the invitation of this movie.

In fact, the promos themselves uncovered the storyline of this film as the central characters and their relevancies were very much prevalent in them.

Kalainyar Television may air this programme with accordance to ‘Endhiran’ music release function that is scheduled to be telecasted in Sun TV.

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