Magical Success of 'Puli' in Chennai

When Chennai’s audio stores doesn’t witness high time sales with Telugu albums, A.R. Rahman’s ‘Puli’ has created magical success here.

News 27-Jul-2010 10:58 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Trust us! The preorders had never happened for a Telugu album. Right from the day, the audio of ‘Puli’ was launched, the demand has been increasing and now every outlet has innumerable copies of ‘Puli’. Of course, you can witness them getting vanished from the racks within fraction of moments.

A.R. Rahman’s ‘Puli’ has Pawan Kalyan and Nikisha Patel in lead roles with SJ Suryah wielding the megaphone. From the past, the duo Suryah-A.R. Rahman has worked on great chartbusters with ‘New’ and ‘Anbe Aaruyire’.

The musical album of ‘Puli’ has some of the recent successful singers like Vijay Prakash of ‘Hosanna’ fame, Tanvi Shah of ‘Jai Ho’ crooning the tracks.

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