Suriya – A Man of Value and Success

Suriya, the heartthrob and inspiration of masses celebrates his 36th Birthday.

Features 23-Jul-2010 9:41 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

‘Try not to become a man of success, but rather to become a man of value’ – This most precious quotes were marked by Albert Einstein. Indeed, if there happens to be a personality, who ardently gets adhered to this mantra, it could be none other than the bright and colorful Suriya.

Suriya has been bearing the most rigid resolution to succeed in life as it has been the most important thing that helped him to make it big as a genuine person in all arenas.

Starting off his career before 14 years, the actor has successfully completed 25 films with his previous 7 films being the stunning blockbusters. Guess what? He’s the apple of eyes for the producers, distributors and theatre owners. His films have won them the best profits and sparkling their lips with smile.

Not to forget about his personal life as the actor has set the best example inspiring his fans to be a respectable man of values. A lovable son, adorable brother, caring father and an affection spouse.

Lighting up the lives of hundreds and thousands of needy youngsters, Suriya has aided them in accomplishing with their dreams through this AGARAM Foundation. Needless to mention, the actor has gone far-famed across the neighboring states as well with his philanthropic activities.

This year is gonna be the most fantastic year for Suriya as his Bollywood debut awaits the greatest things for him. Already, there haps to be a huge group of fans following him just after glimpsing on his astounding performance in ‘Rattha Charithram’ teasers. Now, it’s obvious that his upcoming films including ‘7 AUM Arivu’ will elevate his levels in Indian Cinema.

We as the members of Top10Cinema convey our heartiest wishes to Suriya for the most successful endeavor in years to come.

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