Susindhran is Gowtham’s third cheers

Gowtham Menon had recently announced about producing two films and now Susindhran’s ‘Azhagar Saamiyin Kudhirai’ joins the league.

News 22-Jul-2010 3:18 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Gowtham Menon, who was co-producing most of his films has now independently launched ‘Nadunisi Naaigal’ and ‘Veppam’. With ‘Nadunisi Naaigal’ directed by Gowtham Menon himself, the other film is made his associate Anjana.

Now we hear that Gowtham Menon will be producing Susindhran’s next film titled ‘Azhagar Saamiyin Kudhirai’. The film’s photo shoot was done at Theni and it has already started rolling with newcomers in lead role.

Since, Gowtham Menon wants his Photon Factory to be a great production holding special mention for churning out quality films; he has planned to get along with more productions in mere future.

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