One more message based film

SJ Suryah-Nayanthara director is back

News 15-Jul-2010 10:29 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

These days, every filmmaker in tinsel town assures about delivering a message in their movies and director Tamizhvaanan of ‘Kalvanin Kadhali’ utters the same words.

Having assisted Ezhlil in various films, Tamizhvaanan shot to fame with his debut directorial ‘Kalvanin Kadhali’ starring SJ Suryah and Nayanthara in lead roles. Regrettably, the film didn’t receive him laurels instead he was bounded to more criticisms. His following film ‘Macchakaaran’ too turned as a box office disaster.

This time, he’s very confident about exceeding with excellent degrees and so has travelled from city based stories to rural backdrops. Yes, again it’s a real life incident happened before years in a Village near to Madurai.

The film titled ‘Nandi’ features newcomers in lead roles and is said to be focalized on two contrastive characters as they have their own ideologies.

The technicians: M.P. Ratish (Cinematography), Bharadwaj (Music), Muthu Vijayan (Lyrics), V.T. Vijayan (Editing), Rajashekar (Stunts), Vengal Ravi (Art) and others have been signed for this film that’ll start rolling shortly.

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