‘7 AUM ARIVU’ helps big opening for ‘Inception’

Internet rumors help grand opening for ‘Inception’

News 14-Jul-2010 11:31 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

With rumors pertaining to Suriya’s upcoming film ‘7 AUM ARIVU’ based on Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ being spread like wild forest fires in internets, the Chennai multiplexes have witnessed grand opening for this film hitting screens this Friday.

It all started just within fraction of moments Murugadoss revealed that title ‘7 AUM ARIVU’ as the connections could be relevantly done with ‘Inception’. Of course, when Christopher Nolan’s ‘Mementoes’ inspired Murugadoss to make ‘Ghajini’, the assumptions about ‘Inception’ and ‘7 AUM ARIVU’ were inevitable.

Starting off with internet buzzes, it soon spread across print media as they made confirmed report sans clarifications.

Now with the film opening on day after tomorrow (July 16) with an universal release, the Chennai screens have been booked houseful within few moments after the plans were opened.

‘Inception’ features Leonard Di Caprio as a smartest thief who steals the ideas and secrets from his victims’ subconscious state. Christopher Nolan utters that this sci-fi thriller will be an interesting treat for the universal audiences.

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