Ananthapurathu Veedu

Go for it…

Reviews 10-Jul-2010 10:05 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Filmmaker Naga’s previous small screen ventures have proved at its best. Especially, his aesthetic style of shifting genres from supernatural thrillers to comedy entertainers has kept him successful over those criterions. His maiden venture into silver screen with ‘Ananthapurathu Veedu’ blows up an unexpected theory. For those fed-up with intrinsically extrasensory ambience of such genres, Naga hop-skips onto different grounds savoring to the family audiences.

A hearty congrats for Naga on experimenting with an exceptional comedy-n-emotional drama with ghosts playing the lead characters…

The film opens with Balu (Nandha), dealing with leather business returning to his ancestral home after 15years along with his wife Revathy (Chaya Singh) and their cute son Anand (Aryan). The very next moment, they get inside the house, there’s something creepy-crawling about the presence of phenomenal entities. Off the late, the story plunges into a different line as Balu’s friend arrives and group of roughnecks confining them into their house.

Revealed that Balu’s purpose of visiting the ancestral land wasn’t for holidaying, the story takes a twist of turns during second hour with equal proportion of emotions, thrill moments and little fun.

First 15minutes into the film, we are really taken back as the things seem like a new-patterned Vittala Charya flick as everything moves on its own. A delicious dish all set prepared in kitchen, water offered when Nandha chokes, cupboards opening up on its own for the kid looks comical. But just as the main conflict breaks open, things switch onto greater depth. Say for instance, the heart-touching shot at intermission.

The cute looking kid Aryan scores 10/10 on his performance level as he pitches each and every shot with magnificent show. Struck dumb from his childhood, the way he tries communicating with his parents about the unusual happenings is awesome. There’s nothing left for Nandha to perform more as his characterization is relatively diminishing when compared to the kid and paranormal activities. Chaya Singh as claustrophobic patient is impressive. The actor, who performs Nandha’s friend, does justice to his role while Kalai Rani surprises us with her underplayed acting. Y. Gee. Mahendran’s cameo role is quite enjoyable. The money lender's acting is perfect as he plays the grey role justly.

The 4 best sequences in the film that’ll let you raise your hands for applause would be:

1. An automatic SMS to bring Rs.2Crores to house

2. The dumb child uttering Amma, Appa for the first time

3. Nandha’s outburst and the responding gestures during climax.

4. Exorcist interaction with ghosts on different backdrops.

Technically, Naga seems to have used lots of color schemes with a difference. Don’t expect the usual dark gloomy backdrops. Everything is bright, greenish in the ambience while the background score by Ramesh is convincing. There aren’t any abrupt noises that we tend to experience in other movies. Editing seems to be skipping with shots during certain points and the continuities slightly miss. The art work is more convincing.

Naga’s style of characterization requires special mention as the way he describes the protagonist’s father with brilliancy. On the flip side, often referring Chaya Singh as Claustrophobic patient could have been warded off. In lieu the characteristic traits of this phobia could have been expressed in symptoms later with a term. Well that doesn’t stand in as impedimenta.

At this contemporary part in reality, when relationships are no more what they seem to be, director Naga has showcased a beautiful drama of bonding between family members.

On the whole, ‘Ananthapurathu Veedu’ deserves a watch along with family audiences. Put off your expectations levels before walking in, sit back, grab your popcorns and kill your time with this show.

What works: Little guy Aryan, basic plot, good screenplay, characterizations

What doesn’t work: Few sluggish moments during second half, songs

Verdict: Go for it…

Banner: S Pictures

Production: Shankar

Direction: Naga

Star-casts: Nandha, Chaya Singh, Master Aryan and others

Music: Ramesh Krishna

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