Film Celebrities bow to Paul

The vaticinator is none other than the 8-legged octopus Paul, who’s appearing on headlines every day.

News 8-Jul-2010 11:55 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Be it the hiking petrol issues or the sensational political affairs, everything goes below the line and guess what? Its 8-legged Octopus Paul carrying everyone’s attention as it makes right predictions over the winning side of FIFA 2010.

This has been happening over from Day 1 as the 2yrs old Paul lays his leg over the flag of countries that would win. Apparently, everything has been proceeding with its choice and now Indian film celebrities have started praising him.

Abhishek Bachchan over his twitter adds that who would have thought that even in the 21st century an octopus would be able to cast a cloud of doubt over the mighty Germans. – Jr Bachchan

Actor Siddarth on his turn utters “Octopus Paul I bow my head to you…”

Regrettably BIG B, who often tweets on every minute, failed to recognize the Paul and got to know about it yesterday and he feels bad for it.

Now, it's a big question whether our Kollywood producers will present their script and ask for its advise whether the film will click at box office or not?

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