Creative strokes of publicity for Madharasapattinam

Udhayanidhi Stalin of Red Giant Movies has finally crossed the preexisting patterns and has pioneered with a new-dimensioned publicity campaigning for ‘Madharasapattinam’.

News 7-Jul-2010 10:10 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

What draws a thick line of difference between Bollywood and Kollywood? Don’t come up with ‘Budget Factors’ as we have been sumptuous enough over those criterion. But the way B-town producers tread over publicity campaigns has kept ourselves lagging behind them.

But Udhayanidhi Stalin comes up with a brilliant effort over promoting his upcoming release ‘Madharasapattinam’. Produced by AGS Entertainment, the film was recently acquired by Red Giant Movies. Now we see that almost all the satellite networks have been airing creative commercials.

The best one to stand out ahead is the newspaper headlines carrying messages – India gets Freedom with a date of publication as August 16, 1947. The other ad is about a girl heeding to A.R. Rahman’s Hosanna from Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya and literally gets surprised to see group of men with Khadhi costumes hailing ‘Vande Mataram’.

Such innovative formulations have gained the interests of universal masses for this film that opens on this Friday, July 9.

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