Veluthu Kattu

Poor story, flimsy narration

Reviews 2-Jul-2010 11:12 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Oops! It cannot get nightmarish than this film.

The first thing that’ll puzzle you after watching this film is what is actually S.A. Chandrasekhar trying to convey. Ennobling this as a biopic, the auteur promoted the film vigorously passing buzzes on air. Indeed, the pre-release business of this film possibly mounted everyone’s expectations over this movie.

To mark verdicts on this film, it has to be put this way – BETTER AVOID IT.

The film opens with much other yesteryear Vikraman films as a boy and girl in 5th grade profess their love for each other. Years later, Kathiresan (Kathir) is requested by his belle Arukani (Arundhathi) to come up in life that departs him to Chennai. Much prior to his journey, we witness Kathir chopping of a person’s hand for touching Arukani.

Soon after intermission, Kathir follows the similar pattern of ‘Annamalai’ Rajnikanth of striking gold within overnight. Finally, it’s all about Kathir launching a fantastic A/c restaurant in his village Singampetti that hardly has 100 huts.

The first half doesn’t make any impression as the first hour stumbles down on every aspect. Soon as the scenes involve protagonist’s journey to Chennai, it makes some sense as S.A. Chandrasekhar tries inserting some realities into it. But sooner as you find Bank Manager granting Rs. 25Lakhs as loan without any residential proof for the sake of a girl’s reputation, this will send you in a hell of laugh.

Just as it happens with other nativity based films, Kathir is projected as a rough village guy with thick beard and oily face. Arundhathi looks impressive on her performance, while rest of the star-casts hasn’t got anything special to mention.

The film has poor technical qualities as neither camera nor music is done on perfect notes.

If you’re looking out for S.A. Chandrasekhar’s DIRECTOR CUT, it is so visible during last 3 ½ minutes of climax.

As on whole, ‘Veluthu Kattu’ doesn’t have a reason to make it worth watching.

What works: 30mins after intermission

What doesn’t work: Rest of the duration except those 30mins

Verdict: Poor story, flimsy narration

Movie Review: Veluthu Kattu

Banner: Star Makers

Production: S.A. Chandrasekhar

Star-casts: Kathir, Arundhathi, Director Raja, Archana Sharma, Baanu, Muthuraj and many others

Direction: Senapathy Magan

Music: Bharani

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar, Kabilan, Sneghan

Cinematography: Sukumar

Editing: Sudha

Art: Murali Ram

Stunt: Billa Jagan

Choreography: Ravi Dev, Dhina, Sivaji, Rekha

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