Mohan Lal and Bipasha Basu together

These Bigwigs of Indian film industry have got something more to do and that’s not about sharing the screen space together.

News 2-Jul-2010 9:55 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Still thinking of what’s this all about? This could be delighting news for the regular twitter buffs as these personalities will soon kick-open their tweet acts shortly. Bollywood’s hottest Bipasha Basu couldn’t find a right time to start off with and finally, she affords for it.

So, the regular twitters have already started following and the number has nearly reached 750 within couple of hours in time. And about Mohan Lal, he’s getting it done as Amitabh Bachchan has insisted him. Both of them are busy shooting for multi-lingual film ‘Kandahar’ together in Ooty.

And now, one can really make a wild guess whether Big B can make it happen with our Superstar Rajnikanth as well.

Let’s wait and watch for it.

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