Kill your time with Kalavani.

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In simple terms, ‘Kalavani’ is a blatant revision of Bharathiraja’s yesteryear films based on villagers’ conflicts and guy-gal falling in love. However, Sargunam completely gets rid of the gloomy backdrops as such that of tragic climax and polishes ‘Kalavani’ with hilarious quotients that is more interesting at few parts.

Just as the title goes, the film is about one such funny-chiseler Arikki (Vimal), a guy about who even devil fears to bother for his scamming acts. Nothing makes him responsible as he leads his life fetching money from his mother (Saranya) and his father (Ilavarasu) living in Dubai. He comes across Maheshwari (Oviya) from the other village and falls in love with her. But an unexpected twist in the tale strikes when he comes to know that Maheshwari is none other younger sister of Ilango (Thiru Murugan), with whom he had locked horns before few years.

Rest of the film proceeds about Arikki’s smart moves of sorting out the issues and joining hands with Oviya…

Though Vimal’s characterization reminiscences about his delineation in previous ‘Pasanga’, nothing seems to be diminishing his efforts. In an unstrained manner, he keeps carrying out his performance with an ease. Newcomer Oviya suits well the role of village belle and her performance at few places is good. The film’s co-director Thiru Murugan has donned the baddie character that can be credited as a moderate effort. Nothing to say about Saranya and Ilavarasu as they’ve sleepwalked in their roles…

On the flip side, director Sargunam fails to project the nativity in a right manner. The reasoning behind the conflicts popping up between two villages looks like a silly one. Even at certain points where things that have to be projected substantially, the filmmaker diminishes those aspects. What was so impressive about the girl that urged protagonist to fall in love with her? After a very long time, it’s nice to see Ganja Karuppu in a better way. Watch out for the sequence where he’s blown out of waters on hearing the announcement that he has committed suicide as his wife got to know his illegal affair, which isn’t actually a truth.

Cinematographer Om Prakash seems to have been wildly inspired by those Hollywood classics as he sustains few shots and composes more frames with top-angles. Background score and songs by S.S. Kumar aren’t so appealing.

With a running length of approximately 2.5hrs, the film has possibilities to capture down south audiences while it may take some more time to engage the multiplex audiences.

What works: Performance of star-casts, editing, mirthful elements

What doesn’t work: Time worn story, screenplay boring at few parts, music…

Verdict: Kill your time with Kalavani.

Production: Nasir

Direction: Sargunam

Star-casts: Vimal, Oviya, Thiru Murugan, Saranya, Ilavarasu and others

Music: SS Kumaran

Camera: Om Prakash

Art: T. Santhanam

Stunts: Dhilip Subbarayan

Co-production: Zahir

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar, A. Sargunam

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