We leave it at your option to taste this Milaga

Reviews 28-Jun-2010 1:20 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Lots of biggies have continuously made their way onto screens and patently the medium-n-low budget films lost its way from turning spotlights. But ‘Milaga’ sounds like an exception as the film carries something special though clichéd.

The film hasn’t got anything unparalleled as Ravi Mariah racks up the theme of those yesteryear commercial fiestas ‘Ghilli’ and few more films that was all about uniting with a girl breaking the barriers. But then, Ravi Mariah’s racy screenplay trivializes those clichés and indeed tries flooring audiences at the end of show. For sure, it’s a film that B and C centres may find solace with.

There are few factors that would make you move backward from watching this one – an unusual team not often found under spotlights, backdrops of Madurai and a stereotyped story. But what makes the film different is Ravi Mariah’s screenplay.

The film is about Azhagar (Natraj), a devil may care youngster getting along with his friends: Paruthi (filmmaker Singam Puli), Ishwaran (filmmaker Jaganathan) and others. In spite of having a great response taking care of his father’s (G.M. Kumar) Chilli business, it doesn’t seem to be a serious affair for him. And many funny encounters for the first few minutes, Ravi Mariah takes us straight into the plot as a girl Thenmozhi (Poongodi) is being troubled by Rajendran Brothers later rechristened as Gajendran Brothers (Naan Kadavul fame Rajendran, Ravi Mariah and another one). Aftermath, it’s about a usual Tom-and-Jerry game between the hero and baddies with a time worn climax.

On the performance level, Nataraj tries emoting to every sequence in unstrained manner. Even during scenes that involves the combat and punch dialogues, Nattu takes on lightly rather than being focused as a ferocious mass heroes. But some of the scenes are really annoying as they blatantly remind off various commercial films. Actress Poongodi has nothing special to perform while dancer-turned-actress Suja looks cute shedding weight. But again, there’s nothing much to praise about her work. ‘Naan Kadavul’ fame Rajendran tries striving for the best while Ravi Mariah as a lunatic person scores more. GM Kumar as Nattu’s father doesn’t get more footage while the filmmakers Singam Puli and Jaganath keep up the momentum with their hilarious ingredients.

Few sequences in this film really makes thing more interesting that involves Nattu’s friends being held as captives and the climax with a change.

Technically, musical score by Sabesh Murali isn’t great except a song ‘Dhavani Ellam’. Cinematography by Balaji is average while V Jai Shankar’s editing is crisp and racy.

On the whole, ‘Milaga’ upholds its flavor. At parts, it’s little boring while during major portions it proves to be a passable show.

What works: Natraj’s performance, Editing, Ravi Mariah’s screenplay and performance

What doesn’t work: Cinematography, same old repeated ingredients, Music…

Verdict: We leave it at your option to taste this Milaga

Production: Kalaipuli S Dhanu, Sujith Sarkar, N. Shyam Sundar

Direction: Ravi Mariah

Star-casts: Natraj, Poongodi, Suja, Singam Puli, Jaganath, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Ravi Mariah, GM Kumar and many others

Music: Sabesh Murali

Camera: Balaji V Ranga

Editing: V Jai Shankar

Stunts: Supreme Sundar

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