‘Baaram’ Movie Review!

‘Baaram’ is critically worth the National Award!

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Direction: Priya Krishnaswamy
Production: Reckless Roses
Cast: R Raju, Sukumar Shanmugam, SP Muthukumar, Jayalakshmi, and Stella Gopi
Music: Ved Nair
Cinematography: Jayanth Sethu Madhavan
Editor: Priya Krishnaswamy

Been creating great expectations on the film because of winning National Award recently, ‘Baaram’ directed by Priya Krishnaswamy is hitting the screens this week through the banner of Vetrimaaran’s ‘Grass Root Film Company’. Let us see how this ‘Baaram’ has worked on screens this week!

Due to the ill-treatment done by his son Senthil and by his daughter-in-law, the 65 years old man, Karuppasamy lives in his sister’s house and earns for his living by working as a security guard. Unfortunately, due to an accident, Karuppasamy breaks his back such that he gets a situation to be bedridden because of not undergoing surgery to fix his broken spine. Thinking him to be a burden for taking care, Senthil kills his dad Karuppasamy by arranging a nurse and a person by injecting a poisonous drug in the name of a custom ‘Thalai Koothal’. Getting to know about this, one of the nephews of Karuppasamy, Veera researches on the actual incident which had happened and reports that to media and police. Police also investigates on this illegal custom with the help of the evidence gathered and sent through media reporters. At some point, this incident has no fume to spread around or to get stopped due to the lethargic mindset of Government officials and their influence on the investigating authorities.

Portraying the illegal practice which is going on in many villages of India, we know mercy killing is definitely a crime. And obviously, kids are responsible for taking care of parents/elders because they should at least have the courtesy for them in their mind for the struggles which were spent to bring them up. Based on such a fact, Director Priya Krishnaswamy had formulated the screenplay very realistically. The village carnival, the ambiance of the village, the actors involved, the language used and the entire mood of the film gave the absolute feel of traveling with the film. Also, the cinematography, editing, and slow background music seemed interesting. Overall, ‘Baaram’ had the neat presentation of the story which was planned to execute the idea. But the idea of having mercy killing with some other process like by using poisonous drugs rather than portraying the normal and traditional methods which we know is informative but slightly unbelievable.

Besides them, all the actors who were involved had performed very naturally and had been fitting aptly to the characters they had owed.

On the whole, ‘Baaram’ is all about the portrayal of showing the kids killing their parents for the sake of having their lives peaceful without the burden to take care.

‘Baaram’ is critically worth the National Award!

(For such a genre and a category of film, the ratings are not mentioned since it has the recognition nationally and internationally)

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