‘Do you think Tamil Nadu is a place for dumping medical waste?’ - Director Hari Uthraa

Directed by ‘Padithavudan Kilithu Vidavum’ fame Hari Uthra, ‘Galtha’ will be dealing with the real incidents happening during the disposal of medical waste!

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After directing movies like ‘Theru Naaigal’ and ‘Padithavudan Kizhithu Vidavum’, Director Hari Uthraa is next waiting for the release of ‘Galtha’ which seems to narrate the true incidents happening in the interior villages of Tamil Nadu while improper disposal of medical wastes which is also supported by many political institutions without any interference. Involving ‘Merku Thodarchi Malai’ fame Anthony and Siva Nishanth as the male lead actors, this film also involves Appukutty, Gajaraj and Karunanidhi in the special roles.

About ‘Galtha’, Director Hari Uthraa has stated that “There are medical wastes from abroad which are brought without our knowledge to India and especially to Tamil Nadu. Also, some of the prominent political faces are involved in such a crime. This film will portray the scenarios of how the environment will be polluted because of the medical waste; about the people who don’t know that they get affected with the improper disposal of the medical waste with the questioning on if Tamil Nadu is the place to dump all the medical waste.”

With the musical composition of Jai Krish, ‘Galtha’ seems to involve Cinematographer B.Vasu and Editor Muthu Muniasamy with the bankrolling of ‘Malar Movie Makers’ & ‘I creations’. Working on the busy post-production works, the team of ‘Galtha’ will be releasing the film very soon.

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