Director Murugan clarifies on the controversies for ‘Cocktail’ poster!

Director Murugan clarifies for the controversies created on the poster of Yogi Babu starrer film ‘Cocktail’!

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Bankrolled by PG Muthiah and M Deepa’s ‘PG Media Works’, ‘Cocktail’ is directed by Ra. Vijaya Murugan, the film ‘Cocktail’ features a variety of bird ‘Cockatoo’ which is originated from Australia plays a prominent role. Along with the bird, the film involves Yogi Babu as the main lead along with Manobala, ‘Mime’ Gopi, ‘Lollu Sabha’ Swaminathan and as Yogi Babu’s closest buddies Ramesh, Mithun and Vijay TV ‘Kalakkapovathu Yaaru’ fame Bala Kuroshi for the supportive roles. However, the first look of the film with Yogi Babu with the getup of Lord Karthikeya had the release recently; many people have been sharing their views criticizing for depicting the Hindu god in the wrong way.

Clarifying on all the controversies regarding this, Director Murugan has stated that “Neither this poster nor this film is made in the view to portray something in a wrong way. Having the name of God, I am also a devotee of Lord Karthikeya. So we are not having any mindset to do something wrong in a wanted way. According to this film’s story, the statue of Lord Karthikeya plays a vital role. Based on that aspect, we have designed such a first look poster. When we celebrate several occasions and do temple carnivals for Lord Shiva and Lord Karthikeya, we used to wear the getups of them, isn’t it? How come the same thing, if we show in cinema, will become a bad thing? We look as our right to do such things since we worship and celebrate God. We have titled the film ‘Cocktail’ inspired by the name of an Australian bird ‘Cockatoo’. That is the reason we have placed the same bird as Lord Karthikeya’s ‘Vaahan’ (Vehicle) in the first look poster. Besides this, this film is not having anything with the visuals of alcohol consumption.”

Music composed by S Sai Bhaskar who has the experience of the music composer G V Prakash, cinematography and editing for ‘Cocktail’ is done by P G Muthiah’s former assistant R J Raveen and S N Fazil respectively. Art direction of this India’s first film featuring cockatoo bird is supervised by Dinesh Mohan.

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