If Suriya’s identity is ‘Agaram’, ‘Uzhavan’ will be Karthi’s! – Actor Sivakumar

The speeches of Sivakumar, Suriya and Karthi in the Republic Day event of Sathyabama University with the presence of the ‘Agaram Foundation’!

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On the occasion of 71st Republic Day, there was an event ‘Thadam Vidhaigalin Payanam’ happening with the members of ‘Agaram Foundation’ in the premises of ‘Sathyabama University’ by rejoicing the success of working towards the students’ education studying in Tamil Medium which is aided with the help of Government for almost 10 years. This delightful event had the presence of actors like Suriya, Karthi, and Sivakumar.

When Sivakumar has given his speech, he has stated that “The journey of ‘Agaram’ has to travel for 100 more years. ‘Agaram’ is always there for helping the students of the present day but nobody was there to help with education during my old days of studying. I am also like you. I have lost my father after one year of my birth. When I was too young, I lost my brother and sister. In spite of poverty, I am now in front of you all because of my mother’s affection and encouragement. Because of me, Suriya, Karthi and ‘Agaram’ exists and I thank my mother for all this! Even if Suriya acts in many films, his name will stand out only because of ‘Agaram’. ‘Agaram Foundation’ is Suriya’s identity. ‘Uzhavan Foundation’ which helps the agriculture of farmers, is Karthi’s identity. Students! Everyone be brave because I have crossed many hurdles than you all faced and then only I have reached this position in my life. Definitely if you sincerely work hard, you will reach higher places in life.”

When Karthi had spoken, he has stated that “I can see happy faces here with everyone and I can also see there won’t be any problem with ‘Agaram’ team for being happy. Than getting happiness, always giving happiness to others is the best thing. So even if we receive from others, we should always follow the attitude of giving things to others. It will actually give us immense happiness if we give and help others. There should be a wanting and searching for something new in our life. Neutrality in life is very important in life. Please be concerned about parenting and bringing up the kids after marriage. The characters like tolerance, parenting and neutrality are much necessary for you all in your lives.”

When Suriya has addressed the crowd in the event, he has stated that “Firstly I would like to thank the Chancellor of Sathyabama University, Dr. Mariyazeena Johnson. My friends Gnanavelu and Jaishree are the main reasons for the vast growth of the ‘Agaram Foundation’. ‘Agaram’ is running successfully for these 10 years because of their ideas and immense hard work on every day and night. My gratitude towards them is not explainable but I can give them the identity.

‘Agaram’ is actually a family of the earlier generation people joining hands with the present generation people. It’s not easy to have students more than 3000 numbers getting associated with ‘Agaram’. It is the hard work of the people who are all present here. The achievement of ‘Agaram’ is making the students choose the right education which they wanted and make them tackle all the issues they face personally and economically. To all brothers and sisters who are part of the ‘Agaram Foundation’, I am not only working for you all but also assure you to be part of you all. Three things which will be concerning all of us are our family, our society and our work. We have to maintain neutrality with all these three things. Please spend the possible time with all these three things. I will tell that the success of ‘Agaram’ will be the success of students who study through ‘Agaram’ and their job. If we are useful to others, then our life will be always complete.”

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