‘Juvalai’ has 75% of shots in ‘Indian Ocean’!

Directed by Rahman Jibreel, ‘Juvalai’ is the upcoming film which is shot prominently in the Indian Ocean!

News 5-Nov-2019 8:00 PM IST Top 10 Comments

We would have come across many films which were predominantly having backdrops of the sea such that the upcoming film ‘Juvalai’ seem to have shot almost 75% in the locations and islands in and around Indian Ocean. Produced by Manusha, the film is directed and acted by Rahman Jibreel who had previously assisted directors like Balu Mahendra and Jothi Prakash.

“In spite of having the Indian Ocean as the major location in the film, the title as ‘Juvalai’ has a deeper meaning which involves love, lust, anger and frustration and those are just like a blaze. Apart from that, human’s revenge will also be blazing inside like a fire. ‘Juvalai’ deals with all such deeper aspects” – says Director Rahman Jibreel. However, the team is prepping with the busy making; ‘Juvalai’ is expected to have the release very soon.

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