D Imman raises his helping hands for a visually challenged singer!

Music composer D Imman gives the opportunity for the visually challenged singer Thirumoorthy to sing in his composition!

News 23-Sep-2019 12:11 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Recently, the song ‘Kannana Kanne’ composed by D Imman for the film ‘Viswasam’ had been trending with the voice of a visually challenged youngster such that impressed with his singing talent, D Imman had asked for the youngster’s contact details in his twitter page itself. However, with the spontaneous spreading out of the news, he had been reverted with the details of the youngster that he belongs to Nachipattu village in Krishnagiri district and his name is Thirumoorthy. Continued with that, D Imman had tweeted in his official twitter page by stating that “Thanks one n all for sharing the contact. Talked to the concern person. Will rope him for a song soon. May God be with him and comfort him. Happy days ahead for Thirumoorthy. Praise God!” From this, it seems like D Imman is always up for stretching his helping hands for those who are with talent by giving opportunities for singing in his compositions.

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