‘Munthiri Kaadu’ is a powerful tool against caste discrimination! – Director Raju Murugan

Directed by Kalanjiyam, ‘Munthiri Kaadu’ adapted from the novel ‘Pethavan’ involves Seeman, Puzhal, and Subapriya in the prominent roles.

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Directed by Kalanjiyam, Seeman, Pugazh and Subapriya are involved for the film ‘Munthiri Kaadu’ which is adapted from the novel ‘Pethavan’ written by the Writer Imayam. Music composed by A K Priyan, the audio launch of the film had happened recently in Chennai with the presence of Seeman, Director Raju Murugan and many others with the political face Nallakannu.

When Director Raju Murugan had given a speech, he had stated that “I was very jealous to know that ‘Munthiri Kaadu’ is adapted from the novel ‘Pethavan’. I am just astonished by watching this film. I believe that this film will be a powerful tool against caste discrimination.”

When Seeman had spoken, he said, “‘Munthiri Kaadu’ had been made as the dream film of Kalanjiyam. I am very proud to have been a part of this film. Brother Kalanjiyam had just reflected the writings of Writer Imayam into the screens. ‘Munthiri Kaadu’ will create an impact than ‘Pariyerum Perumal’ had created.”

When the politician Nallakannu had been talking about the film, he said, “Seeman, Sasi and Raju Murugan are those who were very close to the story. Love will be alive even if the lover is dead. Now the rate of homicidal killings in Tamil Nadu had been increased than it was when this film had been started for making. This film has to be released soon and the content has to reach the people. Once this film is released, the rate of homicidal killings should be reduced.”

With the bankrolling of ‘Adhi Thiraikalam’, the cinematography and editing had been handled by G A Sivasundar and LVK Dhasan respectively. Art Direction has been supervised by Mayil.

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