“There might be 100 films just like ‘Raatchasi” – Jyotika!

Jyotika has shared her views about the public’s comments after watching the trailer of ‘Raatchasi’ in the press meet!

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Directed by the debutant Sy.Gowtham Raj and bankrolled under the banner of ‘Dream Warrior Pictures’, Jyotika starrer ‘Ratchasi’ is getting ready to hit the screens on July 5th. As part of the promotion, the team had a brief meeting with the press yesterday in Chennai.

When Jyotika shared her experience of working in ‘Raatchasi’, she has told that “Everyone knew about the banner of ‘Dream warrior Pictures’. Whenever they produce any small budget film, they will definitely assure to get a super hit of that film. Their way of selecting the scripts is very fantastic. That’s the reason why I have been associating with the debut director. Both the producers S R Prakash Babu and S R Prabhu had grown up only by studying in Government school. Their help in this film was tremendous.

Almost for 2 hours, Director Gowtham had narrated the story to me. Many movies had been telling the fact of how Government schools have to be maintained. But I felt that the story in this film was so fresh. Very minute things in the film were so wonderful. The love track will be so fabulous. The relationship between father and daughter is very new. When debut directors narrate a story, they clearly tell the subject of what has to be told for the audience along with a proper message for the society. Without thinking about the star’s market and business, they are very genuine to the story they make. You can expect my new look with different acting in this film. Director used to tell me always that I can act but I should portray only Geetha Rani Teacher! He wanted me to show off the temper of that character.

In twitter, there had been many comments that I am like a ‘female version of Samuthirakani’ reminding of the film ‘Saattai’! This movie might have the content just like that film explaining the routines of Government schools but it won’t be that film completely. Even if the movie is like that, it’s ok. And if 100 movies are with the same subject, it’s not wrong because such messages are needed to the society.

Almost 99% of the students who are aided with ‘Agaram Foundation’ are graduated from Government schools and 35% of the students have an issue of not having teachers to give them coaching for almost one year. If this situation is like this, how students can get prepared for ‘NEET’ exams. And that’s why if 100 films are there with such subjects, we can sit and watch how much ever times we wanted in a relaxed way because it is very much needed at present.

I would like to share something which a teacher had shared in an Annual Day function of my daughter’s school which had happened before 5 years because since I have heard such words, I have been following that in my life. Success is not that which is to peep down from a mountain top after climbing up. Success is something which we come across with experience while climbing the mountain and also the one by making everyone around us very happy. I am using this quote in the second innings of my career. From the moment I heard this, I started choosing good scripts. Then after, I started coming across men who respect women a lot. I am very glad about the responsibility of being a mother, woman and as an actress now only. I feel that as a great achievement!”

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