‘Raatchasi’ will majorly talk about improvising the standard of Government schools!

Directed by the debutant Sy.Gowtham Raja and bankrolled by ‘Dream Warrior Pictures’, Jyotika starrer ‘Raatchasi’ will be releasing soon in theatres.

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Bankrolled under the banner of S R Prakash Babu and S R Prabhu’s ‘Dream Warrior Pictures’, we have been updated earlier that actress Jyotika has been involved in a brand new film directed by a debutant Sy.Gowtham Raj. However the title has been revealed as ‘Raatchasi’ and the trailer had also been creating expectations with 3.2 million views on YouTube at present, the team seems to be busy with the post-production works at present.

When Director Sy.Goutham Raj spoke about directing ‘Raatchasi’, he had stated that “Every guy will have his favorite school teacher to be his ‘heroine’ and such teacher’s name will be definitely remaining in our hearts till the end. That type of teacher is only ‘Geetha Rani’. If it is a college, we can somehow get graduated in any phase of life but school life is no such thing. It will come once in a lifetime only.

People tend to forget those who question constantly as the days pass but if those questions are asked with spontaneous actions, the person will stay forever in history. In the same way, history will talk about this ‘Raatchasi’. Alike everyone else’s thought to get proper modifications for the Government schools in Tamil Nadu; my thought is also the same whereas I have put it into the screens with a story. As a result of that, the story’s screenplay has come out as ‘Raatchasi’. Most of the achievers, businessmen, and scientists in Tamil Nadu has come up in life by studying in Government schools only and that situation is not there at present. There are many differences between Government schools and Private schools. ‘Raatchasi’ is a film which will majorly speak about the differences between them which have to be actually changed.

‘Raatchasi’ will brief with great clarity about the improvement to be made for increasing the standard of Government schools and students those who study in Government schools.

With the cinematography of ‘Monster’ fame Gokul Benoy, the editing is done by ‘Maanagaram’ fane Philomeinraj. Music is composed by Sean Roldan. Further, it is expected that the team will be announcing about the release date of ‘Raatchasi’ very soon.

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