‘Kaappaan is an energetic thriller with more twists and turns! – Editor Anthony

Anthony has shared his views about the movies like Suriya’s ‘Kaappaan’, ‘LKG’, ‘90ml’, ‘Watchman’ and ‘Kennedy Club’.

News 20-Feb-2019 12:27 PM IST Top 10 Comments

With the bankrolling of ‘Lyca Productions’, K V Anand’s upcoming film involving Suriya, Mohanlal, Arya, Sayeeshaa and many others, has the editing of Anthony. Also that, the upcoming releases like RJ Balaji starrer ‘LKG’, Oviya starrer ‘90ml’, G V Prakash starrer ‘Watchman’ and Sasi Kumar starrer ‘Kennedy Club’ has also the editing by Anthony.

Sharing his views in editing all these movies, he has stated in his twitter handle as, “Kaappaan (energetic, thriller , twists and turns)” tagging and appreciating the good works of Actor Suriya, Director K V Anand and Lyca Productions. Further for the remaining movies, he has mentioned as, “Happy to have worked on these upcoming which will be a hit for sure, ‘LKG’ (political-extremely funny), ‘90ml’ (women, extremely funny), ‘Devi 2’ (family, double the fun), ‘Watchman’ (a different attempt, thriller), ‘Kennedy Club’ (energetic winner)”. From his positive tweets of Anthony about the upcoming releases, there has been a great buzz along with expectations for all the above mentioned movies.

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