Suriya conveyed his deep condolences for the Terror Attack!

Actor Suriya has shared his deep condolences in his official twitter handle for the CRPF men who were killed in the Terror Attack!

News 16-Feb-2019 1:15 PM IST Top 10 Comments

With the shaken up news for the entire nation about the terror attack which happened at the highways of Jammu - Srinagar located at Pulwama, where more than 40 CRPF security men were attacked and had dreaded to brave deaths, many of the actor and actresses were sharing their condolences to the brave men’s death and also to their family in various social media forums. Prominently from Kollywood, ‘NGK’ actor Suriya has shared his heartfelt condolence in is official twitter handle stating that, “Deeply Saddened and heartbroken to know about the cowardly attack on CRPF Jawans convoy in Pulwama. My heartfelt condolences to their families who have lost a son, brother, husband or a father for us” Added to this, Vishal, Prabu Deva, Prakash Raj and also many Bollywood actors like Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma and many others shared their views and condolences for the deaths of brave men in the massive attack.

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