Gully Boy Movie Review!

Gully Boy’ is the pure effortful tribute to the unsung rappers swinging out in the streets of Dharavi.

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Direction: Zoya Akhtar

Production: Excel Entertainment &Tiger Baby Productions

Cast: Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Kalki Koechlin & Siddhant Chaturvedi

Music: Divine & Naezy, Dub Sharma, Ankur Tewari, Spitfire & many rappers.

Cinematography: Jay Oza

Editor: Nitin Baid

After spicing up with the success of ‘Simmba’, Ranveer Singh’s ‘Gully Boy’ directed by one of the prominent directors of Bollywood, Zoya Akhtar, is very much expected on screens since the trailer announcement has been made before few months. However the entire B – Town has been waiting for the release for this movie this Valentine’s Day, there were few buzzes if this ‘Gully Boy’ is a remake of Hollywood movie, ‘8 Mile’. Let this review can make you feel the raps of the talented rappers!

Murad (Ranveer) is a college student who lives in the nasty corners of Dharavi with his family such that he feels the pressure of poverty with many misunderstandings brought in the family because of his father’s stubbornness (Aftab Sheikh) in having a new relationship. However Murad has a love interest, Safeena (Alia Bhatt) who wanted to become a surgeon whereas struggles in her home to be free in enjoying the general youngster’s wants, he understands Safeena to be his everything since she helps him in everything (money, gadget and even lying to his parents for being with him) for him and as a support to his interest. He comes across so many young rappers in Internet as well as in reality in his college which directs him to write lyrics for the raps. He then meets the rappers to give them his lyrics which then M C Sher aka Srikanth make Murad to attempt as a rapper whereas Murad finds his family having no interest on his passion and also the thought as ‘a driver’s son should be a driver’ that society carries pressurizes him to another level. How Murad tries to prove himself to the world that ‘Gully Boy’ in him is one hardest rapper from Dharavi lands makes the goose bumps with the performance of ‘Apna Time Aayega’ song in the climax!

Zoya Akhtar has clearly experimented with the streets of Dharavi in every frame by telling out on point about the culture and routines happening in the residents with poverty which is proved along with the performance of an absolute star studded cast. Cinematography of Jay Oza has been colorful even in picturing the dusts and rusts of the slams in which some sequences with lots of silence seemed to make us feel the length of the film in the second half than in the first half. The scenarios in a guy’s home to prove his talent to be something big and the restrictions in every pious Muslim family to bring up a girl has been clearly shown out brilliantly with performances of Ranveer and Alia respectively. Besides all them, ‘Gully Boy’ got the huge list of rappers who are with great talent and are unsung has been the complete backbone till climax.

Coming to the performance of the cast, cannot be silent without appreciating the efforts of Ranveer who had been so hard in owing himself as a ‘Gully Boy. His dialogue delivery, his patience, his romance, his struggles and his regret for doing thefts to solve his finance crisis are about the energy every rapper in the slums have which is purely a tribute. Alia Bhatt as a sincere lover girl to Ranveer in this film has been absolutely naughty and cute throughout the film. Travelling alongside with Ranveer as an encouraging rapper, M C Sher has been absolutely realistic with his performance. Kalki who seemed to play the role as an artist and also as a supportive ‘friend’ for the budding rapper, has also performed well. Other actors like Vijay Raaz as Ranveer’s ‘Abbu’ and Amruta Subhash as Ranveer’s ‘Ammi’ has been so much dramatic in every frame they appeared. Sheeba Chaddha, Rahul Piske, Nakul Sahdev and Shruti Chauhan who were doing their supporting roles have also performed very well.

On the whole, ‘Gully Boy’ is the pure effortful tribute to the unsung rappers swinging out in the streets of Dharavi.

‘Gully Boy’ ka time aa gaya (Gully Boy’s time has come)!

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