‘Dhilluku Dhuddu 2’ Movie Review!

Dhilluku Dhuddu 2’ is a jolly play with ghosts once again!

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Direction: Rambhala
Production: Handmade films
Cast: Santhanam, Shritha Sivadas, ‘Motta’ Rajendran & Urvashi
Music: Shabir
Cinematography: Deepak Kumar Pathy
Editor: Madhavan Madhu
After the release of ‘Dhilluku Dhuddu’ which had released in 2016, there had been a great gap in the movie releases of Santhanam such that he has also ventured for producing this comedy horror film co producing with ‘Trident Arts’ for the first time under the banner of ‘Handmade Films’. Releasing on screens today, will this ‘Dhilluku Dhuddu 2’ be an absolute witty and scary treat for the audience? Let this review give an idea about the funny film!


Viji (Santhanam) is an auto driver who tortures his neighbors in his area daily by getting drunk along his uncle (Rajendran). He seems to be very arrogant and funny without giving respect such that one of the neighbors, Dr. Karthick tries to make Viji fall in a dangerous trap of falling in love with Maya, Physiotherapist, who is based out from Kerala. She has a protection with evil souls such that whoever proposes their love to her runs out in fear for death. Viji comes to know that Maya is a daughter of a black magician, Karudaraja Pattathari from Chottanikkara, Kerala. Knowing this, Viji starts to travel for meeting Maya’s father and finds him to be the powerful black magician in the town. Having a great objection for his love, he then approaches Shakirama Devi (Urvasi) to help his love and to marry Maya who is against of Maya’s father. However both the powerful faces Karudaraja Pattathari and Shakirama Devi are actually dummy, they both meet their guru who can treat over the suspicious protection ring over Maya. Guru then gives a solution that there is a manuscript with mantras to solve the issue which has to be found in a huge bungalow having a haunted background. What happens next? How will Viji join Maya? How will Viji and others find that manuscript? The thrilling but funny climax is all about the story of ‘Dhilluku Dhuddu 2’.


Handling the unique storyline which is directed by the same director Rambhala of ‘Dhilluku Dhuddu’ that if a guy loves a cop’s daughter or a rogue’s daughter, the guy will be threatened with their own powers, the logic of loving a black magician and the consequences of that to face by a guy is unimaginable and it has been maintained with good counters throughout the movie in which the screenplay has been very neat with comedy, action, romance and comedy horror sequences in the first half and the second half has also been maintained with thrilling appearances of ghostly figures then and there with the wanting for the solution (manuscript). However the climax had the similar sequences of ‘The Conjuring 2’, the movie also had the scenes which we normally do in fear of ghosts in practical life. Apart from that if we look into the minuses, the stunts and the songs seemed to be little laid down, the presence of right cast has been the strongest pillars of the movie. Cinematography of Deepak Kumar Pathy and editing of Madhavan Madhu has been decent till the climax if we watch the movie without noticing the logic.


We don’t have to tell especially about the counters of Santhanam which is the main trademark in his movies. His groomed looks, romance, timing for comedy seemed to be as usually energetic, the stunt sequences seemed to be artificial and not that much required for this unique storyline. Shritha who has performed her debut performance in this movie had been adding an absolute beauty to the screens appearing so cute in the scenes she had appeared. Travelling throughout the movie with Santhanam, Motta Rajendran has been the apt costar as an uncle in aiding for the engaging on screens with funny counters to the audience. Other actors like as a black magician, Bipin, Urvasi, and as neighbors Vijay TV Ramar, Siva Sankar Master, Vijay TV Dhanasekar, Jayaprakash, C M Karthick and Prasanth Raj has played their roles well.

What works?

1) Santhanam

2) Humorous storyline

3) Cinematography and Editing

What doesn’t work?

1) Slow moving first half

2) Similar climax of ‘The Conjuring’

On the whole, ‘Dhilluku Dhuddu 2’ is an absolute entertainer for the weekend if you wanted to watch a decent and humorous Tamil horror movie.


‘Dhilluku Dhuddu 2’ is a jolly play with ghosts once again!



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