‘Sarvam Thaalamayam’ Movie Review!

Drumming with the quench for achieving right beats with colourful emotions is ‘Sarvam Thaalamayam’!

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Direction: Rajiv Menon

Production: Mindscreen Film Institute

Cast: G V Prakash Kumar, Aparna Balamurali, Nedumudi Venu and Vineeth

Music: A. R. Rahman

Cinematography: Ravi Yadav

Editor: Anthony

Lined up with back to back movie releases, there has been a great wait for the release of this movie since it is directed by the legendary man who has been behind ‘Kandukondain Kandukondain’, Cinematographer and Director Rajiv Menon. However it is well known that each and every frame will be dramatized with beauty in his films, it has been a great question whether this Rajiv Menon’s movie ‘Sarvam Thaalamayam’ is only about music or it involves many other things. Let this review help the readers to know what this movie is exactly about!


Peter is a son of an Mridhangam maker, Johnson who is a die hard ‘Thalapathy fan’ and has no idea about doing something serious in life. He falls in love with a nurse, Sara from Kerala whom he meets because of an unexpected injury he gets in a dispute. He understands Sara to be very clear about what she wants in life which ends up Peter to try in impressing her by joining German class where Sara studies. After Sara making him understand that life is something beyond being a fan boy, Peter starts thinking about his interest for drumming which he is tend to listen while delivering a Mridhangam to a legendary Mridhangam player, ‘Vembu Iyer’. Peter then approaches Vembu Iyer for learning the art who is very orthodox about the tradition and values for playing Mridhangam and also to be his student and is also against the reality shows in TV channels. On the other hand, Vembu Iyer’s assistant, Mani hates Peter since he is from a lower community and tries to keep Peter away from Vembu Iyer’s sight. Somehow after a long wait and struggle, Vembu Iyer accepts Peter to be his student whereas he finds Mani’s grudge on Peter while taking classes. Being jealous of Vembu Iyer’s encouragement on Peter’s drumming skills; Mani offends Peter whereas he is sent out with insults from Vembu Iyer’s resident. Simultaneously Peter goes for helping his ‘Harvard University’ friend who wants to try participating in a musical reality show which ends Peter to be involved innocently as a participant because of the channel anchor and Mani (Vembu Iyer’s former assistant) who wants to insult Vembu Iyer indirectly through Peter. Understanding all the gimmicks, Peter fights with them to not telecast the show whereas it is telecasted as if he fights with judges for eliminating him. What happens after he is insulted by the channel people? What will be the reaction of Vembu Iyer for Peter’s innocence? Will he understand him and train him or will he be sent out? If he sends out what will Peter do for achieving his dreams? Will Sara understand that Peter is more into his life with music? Will this society accept a normal Mridhangam maker’s son as a good Mridhangam player? The beats which Peter makes in Mrindhagam reveal the climax of ‘Sarvam Thaalamayam’!


Neat with detailing in every frame along with maintaining the soothing tone, screenplay and visuals, Rajiv Menon has proved his brilliance once again through the linear story which had a straight streaming goal narrating the thirst and dream of every middle class youngster to achieve his dream breaking all stereotypes of religion, caste and background. Touching the hues about religion, lower community and also the societal views, the characterization of two lead characters, ‘Peter’ (a youngster from Christian community who wants to achieve his dream) and ‘Vembu Iyer’ ( a professional Mrindhangam artist who understands the talent and interest for becoming an artist) has been practically shown on screens whereas the commercial part of showing the view of media in any talent show has been little over exaggerated such that the climax with accepting talents has convinced the screenplay. It is very difficult to be without appreciating the efforts of cinematography done by Ravi Yadav making audience go into the screens without a second of eye blinking through colorful locations is a great talent and achievement throughout the movie. Editing of Anthony is also crisp such that it has never created any boring moment till the end even if the movie has a usual storyline. Last but not the least, the songs of A R Rahman has been the important charm for helping the audience to visualize the incidents shown in the movie whereas the silence carried over then and there with a slight touch of background music will definitely create great mood to engross inside the screens.


Watching G V Prakash in comical and commercial entertainers so far, it is a great change and development seen in the performance of G V in this brilliant movie. Showing the quench for learning, emotions, love, dance and also in conveying dialogue delivery, he has been the absolute lead in this movie. Supporting to him as ‘Sara’, ‘Mallu girl’ Aparna Balamurali has added still more beauty to the frame by not only as a general heroine but also by making Peter understand the reality about life. We don’t have to tell about the performance of God’s own country’s pride, Nedumuni Venu who is proving every time to be one of the best and classic actors through his natural performance. He has just chewed the character and shown out with the great excellence even after many years of acting. Seen after many years in Tamil cinema, Vineeth has also performed well as a jealousy artist very supportively. DD who is seen in 2 to 3 scenes, perfectly as a TV channel host has absolutely performed well. As father of an aimless son who awakens with the sudden idea to become an artist, ‘Abhiyum Naanum’ fame Kumaravel as ‘Johnson’ who is a traditional Mridhangam maker and as a mother who earns money hardly for supporting the expenses of the family, Athira, both have performed their roles very aptly.

What works?

1) Story

2) Apt cast for the characterizations

3) Cinematography, music and editing

What doesn’t work?

1) Idea of becoming a trained professional within a short span of time is hardly acceptable.

On the whole, ‘Sarvam Thaalamayam’ is a thirst of any middle class guy from a lower community to become an artist with moving emotions which will melt not only the music artists but also the general movie lovers.


Drumming with the quench for achieving right beats with colourful emotions is ‘Sarvam Thaalamayam’!



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