‘Charlie Chaplin 2’ Movie Review!

Having an average hit with the 17 years of the first part, will ‘Charlie Chaplin 2’ come up to the expectations of Prabhu Deva’s fans which has been hyped in “Chinna Machan…” song? Let this review gi

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Writer & Director : Shakthi Chidambaram
Cast: Prabhu Deva, Nikki Galrani, Adah Sharma, Prabhu, Samir Kochhar
Cinematography : Soundar Rajan
Music Director : Amrish
Editor : G.Sasikumar
Choreographer : Jani and Sridhar
Producer : T.Siva


After few meetings, Prabhu Deva and Nikki Galrani fall in love which will be further stepping into the knot of marriage. Much before the marriage due to a misunderstanding of his friend, Prabhu Deva starts hating Nikki such that he gets drunk and sends a video to Nikki by abusing her very badly. After coming to conscious, Prabhu Deva understands his mistake for misunderstanding Nikki whereas he finds the video which he has sent to her has not been delivered. How he tackles the situation without making Nikki to know about the video? What he does to hide that video from Nikki before the video message turn to blue, double ticks? What are the comedies happening in such situation and how Prabhu Deva manages everything is revealed in the climax of ‘Charlie Chaplin 2’!


With a usual story, Sakthi Chidambaram has taken up a movie which has general romance, wedding hall setup and the situations which will happen due to misunderstandings before the marriage along with the tit bits of comedy then and there. However the movie had great expectations because of the folk song, “Chinna Machan…”, the team seemed to have not utilized well to those expectations on screens with the usual screenplay and story. It’s ok even if the logics were unnoticed but showing a board as ‘Pazhani’ and the CG shots of Pazhani hills in the background from the balcony and the unrealistic theatre restroom featuring as a restroom in Dubai with sheikhs roaming in and out are really funny to be accepted. Glamour portions and songs are the only consolation for watching the movie.


We don’t have to tell about Prabhu Deva’s absolutely funny performance in playing the role of a lover boy who gets stuck in between two gorgeous ladies. But still since the scenes were not characterized for him much, Prabhu Deva has given his best as usual in dance portions. Both the actresses, Nikki Galrani and Adah Sharma have made fans go crazy with the gorgeous and glamorous looks. However Prabhu (son of ‘Nadigar Thilagam’) was expected to do the important role, his character must have been avoided for making him play a normal character with improper dialogues since he has been one of the great performer for ages. At some sequences, Vivek Prasanna and Ravi Mariya’s comedy made little gags then and there. ‘Charlie Chaplin 2’ will be an entry which will help him to have a page in Wikipedia for Aravind Akash.

What works?

1) Songs

2) Few comedy sequences

3) Glamour portions

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual story

2) Not interesting screenplay

On the whole,

Even if it is a commercial entertainer, it has to be liked wholeheartedly with the enjoyment of the audience. Without having that aspect as a thought in mind, Director Sakthi Chidambaram has played in his own wish having a star studded cast.


‘Charlie Chaplin 2’ is a struggle to make great laughter!



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