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Kaali’s ‘marana mass’ game will make fans completely ‘Rajnified’ in ‘Petta’!

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b>Directed by : Karthik Subbaraj
Produced by : Kalanithi Maran
Written by : Karthik Subbaraj
Starring : Rajinikanth, VijaySethupathi, Simran, Trisha, M.Sasikumar, Nawazuddin, Siddiqui,
Music by : Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography : Tirru
Edited by : Vivek Harshan
Production company :Sun Pictures

Made from the hand of a ‘marana mass’ Rajni fan, will Karthik Subburaj’s ‘Petta’ involving lot of actors, will be a success to get ‘Rajnified’?


‘Petta’ Velan (Rajnikanth) comes in disguise as a hostel warden,‘Kaali’ to save his friend’s (Sasikumar - brotherly relation) son, Anwar (Sananth Reddy) such that there is a dark flashback in his life for losing his family and his friend because of a dispute in Madurai. While in between he understands why Anwar comes from Australia to India to study for the sake of his love interest, Anu (Megha Akash) which results in meeting Anu’s mom, Mangalam (Simran) and falling in love once again. He safe guards Anwar and also finds the long time enmity of ‘Singaar’ to be carrying over even after 20 years but with lot of aggression. ‘Petta’ Velan then comes across one of Singaar’s son, Jithu (Vijay Sethupathi) to be a rogue such that he realizes to be his own soon. What happens next? Will ‘Petta’ Velan save Anwar and put an end to Singaar’s atrocities? What will happen to Jithu? What is the dark flashback? Kaali’s game will be revealed in the massive climax of ‘Petta’!


Compared to the previous two to three releases of Rajni, ‘Petta’ being made by his hardcore fan, Karthik Subbaraj who had a style of narrating stories with a dark screenplay has moved us to concentrate inside the screens because of the unexpected mass scenes and emotions without thinking the logic errors. Non-linearly narrating the flashbacks, Karthik’s screenplay also a minute lag in romance portions of the first half and the travelling portions of the second half but had managed through the mass instances and powerful dialogues. No mistake in cinematography of Tirru can be mentioned since it is ‘A Karthik Subbaraj Padam’ with dark lighting but felt quiet lengthier in the second half after the interval block. Cannot be without appreciating the efforts of ‘The Rockstar’, Anirudh’s ‘verithanam’ in the background score and music which had been the supportive pillar for dance and fight scenes!


Since it is a complete mass and a ‘Rajni’ movie, there have been only worries for killing Sasikumar, Trisha, Malavika Mohanan and many actors, firstly to describe about the performance of the cast, ‘Thalaivar’ has worked so much ‘naturally’ by putting efforts on stunts, dance and also in apt make up without showing off his age even in single frame. Then if we see the characterizations of actors like Megha Akash, Simran, Munishkanth, Guru Somasundaram, Bobby Simha, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren, Trisha, Sasikumar, Malavika Mohan and those who all came in tit bits, had been with complete energy competing proudly with Thalaivar in the sequences they have appeared. Special mentions will be for Vijay Sethupathi as ‘Jithu’ who has done the role which he had owed so perfectly whereas Nawazuddin Siddique as ‘Singaar’ has also fantastically performed especially in the flashback scenes (which actually had applauses in theatres which is very rare for a new comer from Bollywood). Lastly, Sananth Reddy who has been doing an innocent role, has also acted well.

What works?

1) Superstar Rajnikanth

2) Anirudh’s musical treat and Tirru’s cinematography

3) First half

What doesn’t work?

1) Lags in gun shooting fight scenes

2) Duration of the movie

On the whole, ‘Petta’ is one of the best movies of Rajni which will definitely make audience to come out of screens happily with full satisfaction for the money paid.


Kaali’s ‘marana mass’ game will make fans completely ‘Rajnified’ in ‘Petta’!

Ratings: 6/10

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