‘KGF: Chapter 1’ Movie Review!

‘KGF: Chapter 1’ is the interesting story of a rising don with blood shedding moments.

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Direction: Prashanth Neel

Production: Vijay Kiragandur

Cast: Yash, Srinidhi Shetty, Achyuth Kumar, Malavika Avinash

Music: Ravi Basrur, Tanishk Bagchi

Cinematography: Bhuvan Gowda

Editor: Shrikanth

With the great expectations on the tremendous making, cast and crew, ‘KGF: Chapter 1’ which has been set on the locations of Kolar Gold Fields in Karnataka. Releasing all over India in main regional languages like ‘Hindi’, ‘Tamil’, ‘Telugu’and ‘Malayalam’ as dubbed versions, ‘KGF’ is directly releasing as an original version in Kannada. How the movie will be? Is it a gangster story or a ‘monster’ story? Let this review give some idea about this period film in detail.

The story starts with a chief editor interviewing a writer of a book which has all the details of ‘KGF’ and the reason behind how a don has been evolved involving narratives of incidents of the don’s life with many political and gangster faces involved. The narration starts with the birth of Raja and birth of Gold in Kolar fields simultaneously in 1951 while Raja is grown up with the words of his sick mom in great poverty. He sees her dying because of illness in early age without having money to treat her disease. As per her mom’s words, Raja goes to Mumbai in the view of conquering the world for earning money and power. He finds no one to support him for food and a place to sleep but never gives up fighting for things. He then works under dons and smugglers such that he grows as a well built man renaming his name as ‘Rocky’ to a position that nothing comes and goes out of Mumbai without his knowledge. Knowing well about his power and boldness to kill everyone with his terrifying intelligence, gangsters come in search for him to get ‘KGF’ to their hands.

But ‘KGF’ is ruled by terrible people with a quench of killing and brutality with any morality and courtesy, kidnapping and torturing people to work on processing gold. The task of Rocky starts with entering into the territory of ‘KGF’ fields just like the normal working people whereas in the view to attack the cruel gangsters and kill them by crossing many boundaries and hurdles.

Will Rocky attack the castle of gangsters? Will he break them apart by killing them and conquering ‘KGF’? Or will he rise for the 20,000 slaves working under pressure and be the leader? The climax narrates the bravery and the conquering incidents of ‘Rocky’ in ‘KGF: Chapter 1’.

The set designing, cast, make up with rustic tone throughout the movie has given a great feel of ‘what will happen after this?’ till climax. However the romance portions and dance song of Tamannah seemed to be not syncing with the thrilling screenplay whereas the general view of the director to have the ‘Kannada movie’ elements is considerable since lots of research and hard work in scripting has been abruptly seen on screens. Being a negative hero throughout, Yash has done a great job as the main lead such that his efforts seemed to visualize the ‘heroic’ moments very interestingly. The remaining actors like Malavika Avinash who played the Chief Editor role with the ‘boss lady character’ and the heroine Srinidhi Shetty as Yash’s love interest has done their characters well. The entire cast seemed to have worked more on their appearances with lot of makeup and body very well to give apt detailing for the thrilling story.

On the whole, ‘KGF: Chapter 1’ is the interesting story of a rising don with blood shedding moments.

‘KGF: Chapter 1’ is a detailed, rustic battle of the historic ‘one man show’!

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